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Theresa "Mahella" Maria, owner of Unlaced Dreams, is an artist, designer, photographer and singer.

Though she enjoys all kinds of art, she has always had an attraction to dark and horror genres and themes, especially vampires. She mainly specializes in dark, horror, Gothic, fantasy and vintage or Victorian themes when it comes to art, while her photography focuses more on nature.....or anything that happens in front of her camera. She has also designed buisness cards, flyers and greeting cards, baby shower and other event projects, assists in graphic design for websites, writes dark and Gothic poetry and songs and has an online shop with a few of her alternative designs on clothing, posters and other items. When not working on art she is mainly concentrating on the holistic health field (in which she's a trained practitioner), and continuing her studies in other areas as well.

 Music continues to be one of her biggest inspirations when working. She's also an avid reader (books are bordering on an unhealthy obsession for her), a movie, music and nature lover, and proud Native American. A few of her other interests include: Mythology and folklore, history, literature, vampirology, cryptozoology, forensics, law, private investigations, crafting and of course, health and wellness!

Besides, digital and traditional art and photography, her other artistic endevors and hobbies you may see here and elsewhere include:




-Native crafts

-Jewelry and box making


-Herbal and natural remedy making

-Other gift making


-Healthy cooking

She has had her first major book cover published through the Italian publisher Edizioni Piemme, for the book entitled "Baci Immortali", in 2011. She is also a member of the art team for Dark Moon Digest, a quarterly horror fiction magazine, in print and available through Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Always looking for new challenges and projects, she's open to paid commissions and a wide variety of projects, including, but not limited to: special events, cover art, cards, flyers, logos and other personal and commercial commissions.


The artist's other creative links: 

Zazzle store: www.zazzle.com/crimsonandink/products*

Deviant Art gallery: http://lostmemoryofadream.deviantart.com  

*For a full resume, please contact the artist.*


If you’re interested in Holistic Health & Wellness you can visit her other website, WISDOM KEEPERS WELLNESS:



You can check out and follow her personal Health & Fitness Blog, HARDCORE HEALTHY! for tips, recipes, and much more:


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